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How Technology Is Revolutionizing The Industry

Healthcare - How Technology Is Revolutionizing The Industry Everybody uses technology in everyday life. In some form or the other technology has revolutionized virtually every industry and sector in the world. Perhaps one sector that has shown the fastest rate of adoption of technology and growth because of this adoption is healthcare.  Some of the most apparent uses of modern technology in healthcare can be seen in areas such as: ·        *  Diagnostics. ...

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How Virtual Reality Is Changing The Way

How Virtual Reality Is Changing The Way We Sell And Buy A House  Taking a tour of the house is important for real estate decisions. Imagine yourself in the role of a buyer – would you not be interested in walking through the house before deciding whether you want to buy it or live in it? But what if you live in another city altogether – you cannot possible keep traveling to distant places simply ...

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Options That A First Time Home Buyer Has

Buying a home for the very first time can be an incredibly exciting thing to do. It has a sense of stability and emotional value attached to it isn’t it? So if you are a first-time home buyer, then read on to find out the various options you have.  Bit of introspection first Everybody has a dream home but you should ask yourself what is the kind of home that you want to begin with. ...

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Are we really ready for self-driving vehicles?

Self-driving vehicles are starting to become more prevalent in today’s society, thanks mostly to the proponents of this new technology – mainly Google and Uber. These two companies have been aggressive in the development and testing of their systems, with Google concentrating mainly on testing in the California area, and Uber actually testing out some driverless cars with passengers in Pittsburgh via their ride-sharing app. With this technological breakthrough that will most certainly change our ...

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Selling Your House - Tips To Sell It Fast

Timing is critical when it comes to selling your house. This ‘time’ factor can pertain to the question of when you are going to place the house in the market and also the time it takes for you to make the sale. If we were to focus on the latter aspect then there are a few things that you can do to sell your house as fast as possible.  Look for your target audience It ...

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