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Solar PV Panels are a Boon for Homeowners

Did you know that by installing solar PV on your rooftop you can gain 43% return on your investment? Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels are what come to people’s mind when talking about solar energy. Considering that within an hour, the sun radiates enough energy for covering human energy consumption for an entire year, installing solar PV panels is without a doubt the smartest idea. With the solar panel systems, you will be able to capture ...

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Best Canadian Basement Ideas

The basement does not have to be a dreary place. In Canada, many basements are finished to a certain extent. If you have a basement that has yet to be finished, it’s really worth considering. Here is a list of excellent Canadian basement ideas to inspire homeowners with unfinished projects: Home Theatre Home theatres are not just a feature of multimillion dollar houses. If you have a basement, you can install a home theatre system. ...

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Tips for Starting a Home Based Business in Georgia

The New Economy – Tips for Starting a Home Based Business in Georgia Those who live in outlying regions close enough to commute to Atlanta or Augusta, but not close enough to comfortably tackle traffic on the I-20, know what it’s like living in a smaller community like Covington. Jobs are plentiful in the bigger cities but in Covington, not so much. As a result, more and more residents are looking to put their skills to ...

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Real Estate Market

How Our Real Estate Market Compares with Other Micromarkets   If you've been thinking about moving to Covington, then you may be curious how it stacks up compared against other micromarkets across the United States. Moving is a big decision, and before you decide on Covington, you may want to explore some of the hottest micromarkets currently in the US. Here is a little bit of information about some of those markets, to help you see ...

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Why do Celebs Keep Getting Arrested

Why do Celebs Keep Getting Arrested for DUI Offenses?  Most people find it extremely hard to understand why anybody would drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The huge number of celebs that get reported for DUI offenses is alarming, and surely if you have so much money at your disposal you can afford an Uber, right? In fact, most of these people have an entourage of paid help that they ...

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