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Analyzing if Your Child Needed to Change Schools

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Different children view school in different ways. Some love it, some hate it, and some see it as a prison sentence: they equate graduation with being paroled.


Still, there is a difference between a kid who dislikes school because they'd rather be out riding bikes or home playing video games, and one who dislikes school because of a particular institution.


If your child fits in the latter category, the good news is that things are fixable by relocating them to a new school. The first step to this is looking for signs that your child would indeed benefit from a new change of scenery.


Your Child is Over- or Under-Excelling

According to Grand River Academy, one of the easiest ways to tell if your child is in need of a new school is by their grades. If they appear to be over-excelling, with grades that are always at the top of their class, it may be that they've outgrown their present academic institution and would benefit from something a bit more challenging.


If their grades are lower than what you know their potential to be, the lack of a challenge could also be a factor. Sometimes, children get bad marks not because they don't understand the material, but simply because they are bored.


Either way, it may be in your child's best interest to attend a school that caters to the academic needs of each individual, rather than the needs of the masses.


Your Child is Focused on the Wrong Thing

Ask the average adult, and they will likely tell you that school is a place to learn. Ask the average teenager, and it's possible their answer may be drastically different – many young people see school as less of a place to learn and more of a place to see friends, share gossip, and fit in with peers.


If your child seems focused on the wrong things – they are more focused on Armani than Arithmetic, for instance – then a change of place may be the change of pace needed to readjust their goals. 


Your Child is a Bully or a Victim

If your child is involved in bullying, either as a perpetrator or as a victim, then they are certainly not alone: per the National Bullying Prevention Center, nearly 28 percent of kids report being bullied during any given school year. Some of this happens in person while some happens online.


Unfortunately, bullying is something a child may keep to themselves: only 36 percent of the kids bullied actually report it to a parent or teacher. Still, there are telltale signs that it is occurring. If your child loses interest in school (or hates school), complains about classmates, mentions their lack of popularity, or seems angry, depressed, or withdrawn, bullying may be a factor.


If it is, a new change of scenery is likely to be beneficial. This is particularly true if their present school has a bullying problem largely disregarded by the administration.


Your Child Has Specialized Skills

Many times, children don't find themselves or realize what they are good at until they are children no more – college, or later, is when many kids figure out their best direction in life. But, your child may be the exception; they may have already demonstrated a specific skill in music, art, or athletics.


If their talent is already obvious, then it's important that it is addressed and honed. The best way to hone a specialized skill is at a specialized school

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