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How A Fountain Can Accent Your Garden

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Some of the many ways a fountain can accent your garden.

Gardens take a lot of time and effort to stand out from the average floral arrangement constructed for a landscape, lawn, or patio. However, some gardens have a method of standing out by not only supplying a dazzling array of flowerbeds... but applying water fountains to their display.

Water Fountains For Home Use

Some water features for home use may require landscaping or plotting development beforehand, but wall fountains and planters can serve as stand alone pieces with few time consuming plans beforehand. Many features can be store bought and simply added to your garden, but the ones that really stand out are the water fountains that look natural on the property.

How They Operate

With past water fountains, hydraulic rams powered by steam engines were used to make water fountains operational. However, the water fountains of today are operated with electricity and a sump, so water can seamlessly recycle itself and create a constant stream. Other approaches of power for water fountains utilize solar energy, which are not only better for the environment, but safer for the operation running off on free energy limiting the use of electrical wires. Other additional features for water fountains include programmed lighting and sound effects for added amazement.

Efficiency & Purpose

It's safe to say that a water fountain can definitely spruce up any garden with its visuals, but they can also deliver some excellent benefits to the homeowners as well. They can boost your property's value, add curb appeal, improve air quality, and reduce noise in your area due to the water overpowering traffic or other noise disturbances. Another perk water fountains offer is that animals (such as birds) find them appealing... so finding a group of birds taking a bath in your fountain instantly makes any setup photogenic. Some gardens utilize the water by placing plants in the fountain. This method of utilizing water fountains not only looks great... but it keep the plants healthy without the need for constant maintenance or watering.

Fountain Materials

There's a long list of different types of fountains used to dazzle any passerby, but here's a brief list of materials that water fountains have utilized:

  • Granite
  • Cast Stone
  • Concrete

These materials have been seen or used for indoor and outdoor water fountains, with indoor water fountains looking incredible as they make property look as if it was built preserving natural habitat inside of the building. The water fountains of today are a concept of urban design that can be created for pubic subscription or municipal authorities, which is a large step from the days when water fountains were reserved for only royalty.

Are you ready to create the scenery of your dreams? If so, Campania International has a long list of water fountain options for making any home seem like a blissful escape to paradise. It's safe to say that any water fountain selection from Campania International will make any lawn or garden look as if it was painted on canvas... that's usually reserved for art museums.



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