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Top "Must See" Shows to Go See

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Live theater is as vital today as it was in the days of Greek and Elizabethan drama. Watching a live theater performance unfold is a way of learning about humankind and the workings of society. Acting is the ultimate form of creativity and self-expression. The audience sees themselves in the personalities of the story's characters and are drawn into the performance. Most importantly, theater is live. No movie production can replicate a performance of live theater. In theater the actors are on stage, mistakes happen, occasionally a line is forgotten, or someone may speaks at the wrong time, and the audience reaction becomes an extension of the performance. The McMallum Theatre in Palm Springs sells performing arts tickets supporting live performances year round. They are committed to maintaining the performing arts center for the benefit of the residents of the Palm Springs and Palm Desert communities.

Shows to See

Jersey Boys is one of the top shows of the year and is the true story of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. They entered the music scene in 1965, their popularity grew, girls swooned, and fame followed. The show tells the story of their difficult path, sometimes criminal, to reach stardom.

The Producers

The hilarious Mel Brooks comedy film, The Producers, is presented as a Broadway musical, and will have you laughing throughout the performance. In-your-face humor is the driving force behind this hit that continues to entertain capacity crowds.


According to Theatre Washington, live theater also includes great musical performances, dance extravaganzas, and comedy. There is a special excitement in the theater, because it bring entertainers from around the world to a location where they perform their talents before a live audience. Orchestras, rock bands, country music, and jazz all have their place in live theater. The diversity of performers is the reason theater has remained popular since its inception.

Tribute Tours

If you've attended a tribute tour, you enjoyed the talented performers who take you back to a time when Elvis, Donna Summer, Jerry Lewis, and other great performers were at the peak of their careers. The old saying, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," is true when amazing performers, such as Rainere Martin or Jay Gates bring the music and style of your favorite stars to the stage.


If you haven't been enjoying live theater for a while, this is the year to get back to it. From the west coast to the east coast, theater is alive and well.

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