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Experts’ Views on the Future of Education under DeVos 

The selection of Betsy DeVos by the Trump administration sent ripples across the education landscape. While the Education Department mainly handles matters such as public schools and the macro view of our education system, DeVos has the power to influence almost every part of education scene in the country.

A closer look at the selection of DeVos reveals that the situation we have today is not entirely uncommon. DeVos is not the first Secretary of Education with minimum traditional public school experience. Experts are already signaling their views and predictions on the future of education; we are going to take a closer look at some of them in this post.

Every Student Succeeds

Before DeVos was chosen and cleared as the Secretary of Education, the Education Department already had a program in place. This program, also known as the Every Student Succeeds Act, gives states and local districts more power in controlling their public and private schools.

The same law also allows state and local districts to set rules and regulations for pre-K and virtual schools. This type of decentralization means local districts can still protect their schools from federal government intervention in certain circumstances.

In 1979, the Senate approved Shirley Hufstedler as President Carter’s Secretary of Education. She was a federal appeals judge, also with very little experience of public schools. President Clinton’s pick for Secretary of Education, Richard Riley, was also someone with a legal background instead of an education one, so DeVos may not be a bad choice.

More Online Schools and Programs

We’re still seeing a big shift towards online education and distance learning programs. More top universities such as the University of Cincinnati are introducing newer programs and courses for students to choose from. Despite recent changes in government, the growth of online education is unstoppable.

High school students are opting for online bachelor’s degrees and undergraduate courses. The extra freedom offered by online degrees allows students to study at their own pace and start with building a business or developing a career. Add the fact that we now have more small businesses being established by younger entrepreneurs, and the growth of online education makes sense.

There are even more programs than ever before. Aside from conventional degrees, students can now opt for specific programs such as online bachelor of science in respiratory therapy program. The program gives students a chance to master practical skills in this field and earn a bachelor in respiratorytherapy degree.

Scholarships and Costs of Education

The only concern surrounding the current education system – especially with DeVos in charge of the Education Department – is the cost of getting proper education. Experts believe that DeVos’ philanthropy background makes her perfect for the task of making education more accessible. Whether her policies will support this prediction remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, we have more scholarship programs helping students and future students across the country than ever before. While there are still a lot of uncertainties, many believe those who are searching for the best education will still be able to pursue the degree of their dreams without a problem.

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