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A Guide To Dry Eyes

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A common condition that can occur at any age is dry eyes. This is the result of either tears that evaporate faster than they should or a lack of tear production. Treating this condition is easy to do and can be done with a quick visit to a doctor.

Other Terms Used

Dry Eyes are often referred to in the medical field as :

             dysfunctional tear syndrome

             evaporative tear deficiency

             lacrimal keratoconjunctivitis

             LASIK-induced neurotrophic epitheliopathy

             keratoconjunctivitis sicca

             aqueous tear deficiency

             dry eye syndrome


Symptoms of dry eyes include inflammation in the eye’s surface. This can be treated easily but if it is not treated soon enough it could end up causing a person cornea scars, ulcers and other types of pain. Partial loss of vision is also possible, though it is rare for one to lose their sight completely, as a result. Other symptoms of this condition include eyes that burn or sting, discharge, heavy eyelids and even blurred vision. Anyone who cannot cry when they are in distress may have dry eye.


It is afact that dry eyes are often caused by medications, skin disease located near the eyes, pregnancy and allergies. In some cases this condition is temporary but in other cases itis chronic. In many cases when someone suffers from a chronic case of the condition it is because they have an eye disease of some kind. Being exposed to drafts from air conditioning and heating units, tobacco smoke and chemical fumes often causes the condition. Those who wear contact lenses may also find themselves suffering.

Complications of Dry Eyes

Those who suffer from this condition may find that performing certain activities becomes more difficult. This includes tasks like an extended period of time spent reading as well as staring at a computer screen. It also makes it uncomfortable to be in any kind of dry environment, such as an airplane.

Facts About Dry Eyes

There are two types of dry eye that people suffer from. One is aqueous tear-deficient and the other is evaporative. Aqueius tear deficiency is classified as a disorder of the lacrimal glands. This is when the glands don’t produce enough of the watery components that make up human tears. When this happens the surface of the eye becomes unhealthy.

Evaporative dry eye is related to the meibomian glands, in which those glands are inflamed. Since meibomian glands are found in eye lids, those suffering from this type of dry eye produce lipds, which result in the evaporation of tears.

Dry eyes are sometimes caused by botched cosmetic surgery. When a patient’s eyelids are open too farduring the procedure, dry eye can be the result. The condition is sometimes associated with thyroid disease. One sign of this is protruding eyes.


Any dry eye center St. Louis can treat this condition. Anti-inflammatory medications are often prescribed to sufferers. There are some cases of dry eye where a basic surgery must be performed in order to correct an ongoing problem.

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