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Project Management Effectiveness
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5 Things You Must Do Better to Improve Project Management Effectiveness


Even if you are very experienced in the project management field, there are always areas where you can improve. Techniques that worked a few years ago won’t keep you afloat unless you commit to constantly improving them. If you are looking for ways to streamline your project management effectiveness, work on improving the five areas below. This will supercharge your efficiency and pay big dividends down the road.


1: Revise Your Road Map


At the start of any project, you should have a road map which outlines challenges, expectations, and measurables for your project. If you find your effectiveness starting to lag, take a moment to revisit this road map and determine how effective it really is. Are there a lot of extraneous details? How clear are the paths of communication? Your project plan needs constant revision and fine-tuning to make sure that it is clear, understandable, and effective in mapping out potential new challenges.


2: Establish a Clear Chain of Command


One of the areas where projects get bogged down is when the chain of command becomes unclear. This often happens when a project matures, new employees come in, or when responsibilities shift. Keep an organizational chart handy and make sure that everybody in your organization knows who they are in charge of and who they report to. This will help you to maintain clear lines of communication, which will improve both efficiency and effectiveness.


3: Improve Your Nonlinear Thinking


Almost every employee out there can think in a straight line, figuring out solutions to problems as they come up. A good project manager needs to be able to think nonlinearly, anticipating problems that seem unrelated to the task at hand. This requires good prediction skills so you know what issues to expect as well as adaptive reasoning since you need to be flexible enough to realize that solving one issue might open up several other items that need your attention. By working on big-picture reasoning, you will be able to keep a project running.


4: Work on Your Storytelling Skills


One of the most underrated aspects of communication is the ability to tell a story. If you can take your project and break it down into an effective narrative, you can get both employees and stakeholders on board with you. Work on taking the highlights of a project and putting them together into a narrative form that people will find engaging. This will streamline your communication and increase dedication to your project.


5: Learn About Project Management Software


Online project management software is a must for anybody who wants to run things effectively. Whether you use a software suit right now or not, you should make sure that you have strong technical skills, while also considering adopting software that works best for you. Gaining proficiency in this area will not only open up new options to you but will also provide you with valuable technical proficiency. The pricing options for each project management software vary.


Focusing on the five steps above is a great way to help streamline and improve your project management skills. As you get better in each area, you and your team will notice a major difference.

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