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How to Save Yourself From Mosquito Bites
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How to Save Yourself From Mosquito Bites for a Healthy Living – Tips Not to Miss


What’s your reaction on checking your face in the morning only to realize that there are big spots/scars of mosquito bites and that your body parts are paining? You will be like “Oh My God” as the severity of the problem is understandable given the fact that you may have to stick with such an ugly face or body part(s) where these little insects have infact done the damage. Besides giving you sleepless nights, even the days are full of confusion and turmoil where you will be looking for ways to get required medication.

What you need to understand is the survival mode of mosquitoes which is basically through deriving blood by sucking and during such a process; they usually leave the skin swollen.

But, how?

Well, since they use sharp knife like long and thin mouthpart which goes down deep in the skin for gaining much needed nourishment for them (which is blood, in this case).

Considering the series of health problems associated with mosquito bites, it is important for me to narrow down on the exact signs of what constitutes mosquito bites. Let’s take a look at them:-

  • Do you notice a white bump on your body? If yes, then it will in all probability going to be the sign of a mosquito bite.
  • While most of us may notice swelling and can easily understand as well as relate to the same to that of a mosquito bite
  • Associated redness on the body or a dark part in the body can also be obvious signs of the same too

However, if you are an unfortunate one, who has been the victim of the mosquito bite, then there are following remedial measures which you are advised to do, for saving yourself from the menace

  1. Use grinded onion or garlic

Do you know that garlic and onion minimizes the irritation by ending the swellings and additionally, its strong odor doesn’t let presence of mosquitoes anywhere near you.

How should I apply?

Apply the paste of garlic or onion on the part which you feel has got irritation and as you do, leave it for few minutes and then wash off.

  1. Lemon

Skin being quite an obvious and prominently visible part of the body tends to face the biggest scourge of mosquitoes. Yes, whether you want to get rid of acne or mosquito bites, you have to be aware of measures. Likewise, based on the different prevalent procedures available towards treating bites from mosquito, I have to say that lemon due to its anti anesthetic properties becomes quite an advanced, preferred and sure-cut  medium of treating the affected skin.

How should I apply?

Cut lemon in half and rub on the affected part for instantly addressing the problem. It may give you a peculiar sensation, but it is worth the effort, especially when you want immediate relief.

  1. Salt

As you know that salt is antiseptic and due to the same, it minimizes the effect of irritation.

How should I apply?

Well, you need to make the paste of salt by adding few drops of water and apply the paste on the part.

  1. Ice

Any cold product, (“ice” in this case) is the best way to minimize the effect. Yes, we need to know that cold temperature gives a numbing sensation by limiting the inflammation. Thus, you feel relief instantly.

How should I apply?

Well, you can make use of ice cubes and wrap them in a piece of cloth and rub them on the parts for 15 minutes. During the process, you will experience a substantial reduction in swelling and also if you have been experiencing an itching sensation, then that will equally go away with the wind as well.

Mostly, ice is something which one can find easily, but on some occasions, when you can’t, then as a substitute, you should make use of cold running water for your benefit. Yes, hold your hand on the flow of tap water and you will also witness the similar affect within few minutes, to say the least.

Gone are the days, where you have been occasionally facing skin rashes. There couldn’t have been a bigger embarrassment for you than facing these untimely and challenging scars which the moment, they become bigger, they gets scarier as well. Furthermore, you had to face itching and its temptation does get uncontrollable at times. Now, on top of that, if you accidentally itch on the part, the hard nails against the soft and bruised skin part may aggravate the problem further. So, it is always important to be safe than sorry. I mean, that you should also know one of the prominent ways of keeping a check on the menace of mosquitoes is by removing standing water from your house. Yes, we know that mosquitoes multiples in stagnant water. Make sure that there are no such places. For example, unused tires lying on the terrace openly which may have accumulated water on their sides or pots etc.? Similarly, water coolers during off season should be emptied. You need to double check these areas.  Also, keeping the areas clean and hygienic may pleasantly keep a tab on the menace of mosquitoes further too.

Now finally after reading the post, you will ensure how a healthy life-style is so easy to achieve where based on the instant remedial measures, your work can be done with perfection and easiness, quite like the way you want. Hence, before the matter goes out of hand for seemingly deadly diseases in the form of dengue and malaria, get the best precautionary measures for yourself, since you deserve the best as well. The problem of mosquito bites may take serious proportions during summers and depending on the time of the season prevailing around you be careful and cautious with the foresaid tips for a healthy and well maintained life not to miss. 

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