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Pinwheels for the Prevention of Child Abuse
Ms. April Ramey Fuller Sasser

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Pinwheels for the Prevention of Child Abuse is during the month of April. When a judge the Honorable Nancy Bills types up a prepared proposed Opinion informing Mr. Sasser that I will have custody of our youngest daughter and for Mr. Sasser not to interfere in the relationship of me and my older three girls it is abuse to have been kept from me as much as possible and lied to behind closed doors and in secrecy among the family. This form was typed up and prepared by Honorable Bills just a few weeks prior to a family violence incident where Mr. Sasser was cited with Battery and I was hospitalized at Northside and Peachford for recovery. Mr. Sasser and his family had 10 plus years of a marriage over 2 plus years of a divorce and at least a dozen hearings since 2004 with regard to my girls to bring up any form of remiss, neglect or abuse on my behalf towards any of my children or any wrong doing as towards my wifely obligations and did not other than behind closed doors to my children’s faces in privacy teaching them to distance themselves from me and to feel as though I was accused of being abusive and that is not the case and never has been. Parental Alienation is abuse. Not getting your children therapy as directed is abusive as well. I have been blessed to have had numerous hearings to my full favor and behalf about my girls who are all adults now but have been kept from me and lied to. I have been blogging less and less about this issue because I intend to write a memoir for publication for the purposes of penning a letter to my children. I have been a strong advocate for my children since my early 20’s and fully intend to advocate for them and others against parental alienation. Once upon a time because of a family violence incident following my girls being thrown into the back of a car and my not being able to find them I suffered a nervous breakdown from all of it and Northside suggested Peachford as a place of recovery so I had a voluntary admission to Peachford. The Judge in the matter in the beginning without my being present and not knowing the facts in the beginning deemed that due to my mental status at the time I could not see my girls and the issue was to be petitioned by either party at a later date whereas I filed a Pro Se hearing against Mr. Sasser and won. I have won every hearing since 2005 to present against Mr. Sasser. I have gone on to achieve accomplishing graduating with my mental health Certified Peer Specialist certification and to work in the mental health field in my own community being a strong advocate at The Covington News blog for the mentally challenged and those suffering parental alienation, family violence and depression or grief among other mental illnesses. This situation has nearly been the death of me missing my girls like crazy. It has been horrific to suffer through. I have had the opportunity to catch up with Brittany and see my grandsons and to have her love and talk to me once again telling me actually how good my kids did have it growing up wishing she had the same as an adult. She has truly suffered as well and been the victim of this vicious cycle of abuse that I had broken while with Mr. Sasser. I intend on going forward with penning my letter of devotion and love to my children and hope you care to join me on this journey and to all those who spent the many years of my becoming a mental health Certified Peer Specialist struggling through it with me I thank you. The devil has certainly attacked my life many times in many ways but I have always prevailed in the end. I now know that there is pretty much nothing left to suffer that I cannot get through with perseverance and determination and the great gift of waling by faith and by prayer. I shall prevail and continue to being forth good fruits. My life has truly been a labor of love. You may join me at WordPress or at my Covington News blog if you care to catch up on my story or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. You all are so great in supporting me.

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