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A study in Ephesians
Ms. April Ramey Fuller Sasser

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Over 12,000 souls reached at New Life Praise Center Easter weekend. Testify and reach souls. Brother Charles Grimes. Pastor Mr. Justin Adams will be at Springfield Mission Baptist Church on April 22nd at 4:00 p.m. and at The Church of Covington April 28th  June 26th – 28th will be Vacation Bible School Maker Fun Factory a fun and Christ filled time for the entire family at New Life Praise Center. Ephesians 1:17 Studying in Ephesians 6 weeks perhaps. There is so much theology and doctrine to study. Read your Bible humbling yourself and it is powerful. Preaching on the spirit of wisdom and revelation. (s)pirit of. Not the Spirit but spirit of wisdom and revelation. The Greek term Sophias Wisdom gained naturally. Natural wisdom. Wisdom that you gain from the Super Natural. Reading your Bible and making decisions you need a spirit of decision that is of the Super Natural. Suddenly and instantaneously becomes visible to the eye. The curtain may be in front of you but when the curtain is drawn and you observe something that is there you have had a revelation. The truth that we have here is the real truth. The truth was in scripture but needed the spirit of revelation to be moved. Jesus is not only the Son of God but is God himself in the flesh and 3 manifest in one the Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Sometimes when you read your bible, pray, come to church just because the truth has not been revealed does not mean it is not the truth it has just not been revealed to you as of yet. There is still truth and once the right time comes the Spirit removes the veil and you instantly see and understand and you have a revelation. Pastor Justin has been reading and studying the bible for 15 years and still finds something new each and every day to delve into and something new that is revealed to him each daily. You may understand but it may remain hidden until the God decides to make it a revelation to you. You may not be prepared or mature enough and you may need spiritual milk. God will prepare for you the spirit of revelation. Paul prayed God would give you the spirt of wisdom and revelation. You cannot learn it is given from God. Paul prays that God may give you special insight that is naturally obtained through God only, spirit and wisdom, grace, mercy and love. If you ever need an answer God has it. Se pay and it may not be a necessity or life altering  and you may never get an answer but you act naturally. Quickly we begin to pray about it just because you do not get an  immediate answer it may not be the right time. If you are constantly praying for the result then you are not growing. If God keeps telling you what to do when you pray for wisdom and revelation you can do some soul searching. Once God begins to reveal it has to make these decisions. God does not leave the room. God in not going to leave you or impart from you. God does not want you to ruin your life. God is a gentle God. God will actually allow you to make your own  decisions but Paul  from prison prays God will give you wisdom and revelation. You need the spirit of wisdom and revelation that you may make the correct decision for the plan and will of God to be carried out instead of selfish desires and regrets. Promises that things will change our answers when we pray and are you praying for the result or pray how to get the results? If you teach a man to pray your answer will be more abundantly. Pray for the wisdom and revelation in the season. Different seasons in his household but if you pray for insight wisdom and moderation will be in the season and you possess the will from there on. There is not so much necessary but need wisdom. Any obstruction from your view then remove it. Pray for this strongly. If my own eyes have been closed pray that they will be opened. If the curtain be removed remove it from your eyes. A real revelation will be sent in our lives. Life and Death are in your words. In the valley and from trial and test and tribulation I declare the Spirit on Me. New Life Praise Center. A once cold, dark and dreary plus lonely time in my life when Satan crossed my path and I had no pen, no pencil, no paper, no book, no Bible to have to hold near and dear all I had were my two knees and my praying hands but the Lord delivered me and gave me a writing tool some years later that I have now been a published author at my Covington News blog for over 5 years.. The Lord blessed those prayers and also gave me much success in the O.C.G.A. more abundantly that I could ever deserve but prayer was answered and as I prayed for fruit it has been blessed. I still continue to pray for fruition in my life time. This was an excellent sermon that went hand in hand with my studies on Ephesians with Honorable Ozburn and helped me to better understand Paul from prison walls which once upon a time was me even though since the sentence and order has been disposed of it was a miraculous task that I became a mental health Certified Peer Specialist with all the writing and reading materials and Bibles one could ever hope to possess. God came through like a shining light and glory in my life and is still fulfilling his great divine purpose and will for my Life. He has proven himself miraculous in my day to day walk for many years now. 

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