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How safe is your place of work?
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Whether you work in a shop, an office or on a construction site, it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure that you are safe. The number of fatalities in the workplace across the United States has seen an increase in recent years, and this is a great concern. In today’s world, we have much more information regarding safety procedures, access to better technology/equipment and access to more protective gear than ever before so fatalities should not be rising.

The construction sector, in particular, sees a high number of deaths in the workplace each year, and for people working in this industry and their families, this is a worry. Nobody should go to work and not return home, and many of the workplace accidents that happen on a daily basis across the US are avoidable.

Since the OSH Act 1970 was introduced, there have been huge improvements in the safety practices in workplaces. Statistics show that over the last decade, non-fatal occupational injury and illness has been on a steady decline. The stats show that the recorded incidence rate of injuries and illnesses in the workplace in 2003 stood at 5 per 100 full-time workers. In 2015 this rate had come down to 3 per 100 full-time workers, which is certainly showing real progress in this area.

However, the fact that deaths in the workplace show an increase over the years 2013-2015 is a major worry, and if you have any concerns about the safety in your workplace, then you have a right to complain.

Your rights as an employee include:

·         To receive information and training regarding any hazards, harm prevention methods and the OSHA standards. Regardless of your first language, your employer must deliver training in a language that workers can understand.

·         To file a complaint with OSHA to ensure that your workplace is inspected.

·         If you believe that you have been treated unfairly by your employer, after requesting an inspection, you can file a complaint with OSHA.

Your employer also has the responsibility to provide you with any appropriate protective gear such as goggles, gloves, fall harnesses, etc. If you feel that your workplace is not adequately doing so, then use your rights as an employee to demand that they do.

Remember, more than 4,500 workers go to work each year in the United States and don’t come home to their families. However significant or insignificant you think a safety concern is, you are better being safe than sorry as the saying goes.

Many workplaces rely on their workers to tell them if they feel safety improvements are required. It is the people that are doing the job that knows best so don’t be scared to raise any concerns. If you work in the construction industry and you have had an accident in the workplace, then you should acquire some advice from construction accident attorneys msllegal.com. It is your right to be safe in your place of work and any negligence by an employer must be investigated to ensure nobody else suffers an injury or worse.

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