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Tourists Flock to London Due to Weaker Pound
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Amidst heated debates in Parliament in regards to the advisability of Brexit along with a growing movement to reverse the previous referendum outcome, the rest of the world is still forecasting troubled financial times ahead for the UK. The pound is quite low due to obvious Brexit fears and tourists from around the globeare flocking to London in droves. They are looking to enjoy one of the few advantages of a weaker pound, namely good deals on London hotels and better than average currency exchange rates.

Heathrow CEO Weighs in On Busiest Ever Year

In a recent statement given to Sky News, Heathrow’s CEO John Holland-Kaye spoke his thoughts on the boom in the travel industry in post-Brexit times. With so much uncertainty still looming in the air, the Great British Pound, GBP, remains low and the outlook for the near future isn’t good. He says that this is setting up to be the busiest year ever for the airport and may break Heathrow records in profitability when all is said and done. He sees this as one of the very few benefits that have come as a result of the reduction in the pound’s value on the global market.

Local Businesses and Shops Will Almost Certainly Benefit as Well

With an increased amount of visitors to the UK, and London in particular, local businesses and shops will definitely see a rise in sales this year. After years of living through the Great Recession, this could come as a real boon to the economy and actually put more workers back to work as well. No, it won’t last, but if the revenue is great enough, it just might offset tremendous post-Brexit losses.

For Every Storm There Is a Rainbow – Will There Be a Pot of Gold at the End?

They say that for every storm there is a rainbow and most Britons would say a rainbow would be really nice about now. Irish lore adds a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow and it looks as though they have got something there! If Brexit is the storm and an increase in foreign travellers is the rainbow, that pot of gold would be all that money they are bringing in to spend at local shops. Don’t forget additional tax money in the taxman’s coffers as well. It could result in a tidy not-so-little pot of gold.

It would be interesting to know whether or not any of these new travellers are coming to London on money they made investing in Forex! Perhaps savvy investors saw a post-Brexit opportunity early on when the pound became extremely volatile in a market that is already volatile, wagering on movement in major pairs when others hadn’t even been aware of Brexit’s impact. For whatever reason, and however they got the money to take a trip to the UK, it is definitely an added boost to a nation beset by worries. Maybe there really is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow after all.

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