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Tips for Starting a Home Based Business in Georgia
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The New Economy – Tips for Starting a Home Based Business in Georgia


Those who live in outlying regions close enough to commute to Atlanta or Augusta, but not close enough to comfortably tackle traffic on the I-20, know what it’s like living in a smaller community like Covington. Jobs are plentiful in the bigger cities but in Covington, not so much. As a result, more and more residents are looking to put their skills to work for them in a home-based business. However, working from home also presents its own set of challenges not everyone is prepared for. If you are looking to literally set up shop at home, you might want a few tips to get you started.

Where You Work May Make a Difference

Before getting into any of the legalities involved, such as insurance and business or occupational licenses, you might need to consider where you will be doing the bulk of your work. For example, say you are a certified computer repair technician. Some work you might do at home in your own little lab you’ve got set up and other work might be done on location at a client’s home or place of business. This matters because of the types of insurance you will be required to buy. Will you have anyone working for, or with, you? If so, that’s another kind of insurance you will also need. Where you work will make a difference.

Promoting Your New Startup

Some of the clients you will be working for are probably going to be carryovers from a previous place of employment, unless, of course, you go into a new line of work altogether. Also, if you signed any non-compete or non-solicit agreements you could be setting yourself up for one hefty lawsuit. In any case, according to marketing agency Single Grain, you should begin promoting your new business even before you open your doors, literal or figurative, as you want customers lined up and waiting.

Types of Marketing You Might Want to Consider

This is one of a few times when press releases come in handy. Typically, you would pay to have a press release written to:

Announce a new business

Announce new products or services along the way

Introduce new employees

Announce honors or awards – personal or business

Announce business expansion or moving locations.

In other words, anytime something of major importance needs to be publicized. Single Grain suggests that you hire a professional PR copywriter from a copywriting/marketing agency that can cut to the chase and extol the virtues of you and/or your company.

As a final word, don’t forget there are a number of licenses and permits you’ll need to acquire, so you might want to hire an attorney who can best represent you. Whether you want to risk being a sole proprietor or would rather protect your personal assets as an LLC or Corporation, an attorney can best offer you the advice you need. Once you’ve gotten all the red tape out of the way, it’s an exciting journey ahead.

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