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Small hometown Stroll
Ms. April Ramey Fuller Sasser

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Today marks the ending of Mental Health Awareness Month and I am hopeful I reached at least one person needing uplifting, encouragement or support. I am humbled having graduated and worked as a mental health Certified Peer Specialist for the State of Georgia and to have my certification. Mental health is just as vital as physical health but should play no differences. There should be no Stigma attached to mental health advocacy and awareness and diagnosis should be no different than Cancer, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and so forth. I have fought long and hard in and outside the courtroom walls for the mentally challenged and those suffering depression and grief. I have been very blessed and had much success in my journey. A journey that is no where near being over. My southern memoir and penned love letter to my children will include the O.C.G.A. and the important strides I have made. I look forward to visiting Central State Hospital during my memoir writing and get some photographs of the land that was once the largest mental health hospital in the world. I just so happened to run into Officer Baker today in town and was so happy to see her. We exchanged our usual hugs and told one another we loved each other. Had it not been for her I would have never made it through the God Moment of when I was incarcerated in 2005 for an issue surrounding a gentleman that I had never even met nor had the pleasure of meeting nor knowing however she was my life saver and helped me through so much and through the passing of my mother when she died. Officer Ms. Baker was my livelihood and kept me going on days that I thought I would never make it through the incarceration. When I returned from Georgia Regional after being on their Forensic Unit for 90 days she was at the door waiting on me. It was such a pleasure to walk into her arms that day. Fortunately I can say that the issue has been deemed dismissed and closed and completed all requirements prior to dismissal. I see Honorable Ozburn and Officer Baker along with other Officers and Deputies all over town and they just hug me and tell me how good I look and how proud they are of me. Once what was a mental and nervous break down while incarcerated turned into Georgia Certified Mental Health Certified Peer Specialist. I plan to include the details of my incarceration and 90 days on the Forensic Unit in my memoir but the State has cleared me to work as a mental health Certified Peer Specialist at this point. Given seeing Officer Baker I had to take a small stroll near the Square reminding me of where home was and just how far I have come since the family violence incident and nervous breakdown of myself  involving Mr. Sasser of which I am also a strong advocate for. My children have been the ones to suffer the most out of all of this and it shows in their every day lives and in the lives of my grandchildren. Instead of allowing hatred, bitterness and worry to take me over I decided to study and become a mental health CPS for the State of Georgia and now onto my memoir. I know this can be done with everything else I have been able to successfully accomplish I know deep down writing my memoir will be  a piece of cake. All the many notes and journaling I have My youngest daughter will be an adult come October and the memoir will be published after that. Josh and I took a small stroll in downtown and I glanced at the clocktower in all her glory and it sure did feel good. Having been blessed by New Life Praise Center as a part of my Christian walk I am very fortunate to have them in my life. They have cared for and watched over me since last November during a few weeks of homelessness that I experienced until I got into my apartment and have loved me the very same since the beginning. Being a codependent caregiver and enabler has made life difficult but overcoming caretaking and enabling has been a lot of fun work too. I have enjoyed every book and worksheet I have ever studied. Thinking of my high school days I loved my English and drama teacher Mrs. Linda Wade. I want  and plan to write a memoir that freshman will read year after year after year. That is a  goal of mine to include my walk with the Lord and many “God Moments” I have experienced. On June 7 I will be giving a God Moment to my congregation at church and would love for you to be there. Happy for the lovely stroll hand in hand that Joshua and I had today. 

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