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Concert on The Square The Tam's
Ms. April Ramey Fuller Sasser
Last comment by kimnsierra 1 month ago.

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Setting up for a concert on the Square this Friday evening The Tam's. The son of the original Tam's will be here. See you tonight hopefully. Come on out. 

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kimnsierra commented on Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 at 18:23 PM

She had an orgy afterwards. Police were called to the scene. I laughed all day.

kimnsierra commented on Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 at 20:01 PM

I will EXPOSE you!!!!

kimnsierra commented on Friday, Jun 16, 2017 at 08:23 AM

Did you really think you could get away with your vicious attack and get away with it? You better hope none of us see you on the street. Apartment today, walking the streets tomorrow...litterly.

kimnsierra commented on Friday, Jun 16, 2017 at 20:15 PM

We didn't have the proof, but we do now. You didn't think we wouldn't hire attorney's? You witch with a B. We are going to sue you. You will be exposed. We worked hard but got our proof!!! Why did you go to so much trouble to ruin so many lives??? Next. It's your life to ruin now. You with your "I'm so Christian" I know you well, you lived with me for 3 years. You're evil, conniving and anyone that gets close to you gets hurt one way or another. I'm letting Josh's parents know that he's in danger because he is!!

kimnsierra commented on Tuesday, Jun 20, 2017 at 23:19 PM

Keep it up witch with a B. We will get you. I'm coming to Georgia soon. I will come straight to your apartment and let Josh and his family know how dangerous you are. I hate you. I regret the day I took pity on you and let you in my home. You did nothing but try to be me. You wanted to be me so bad it was scary. You destroyed the brand new bedroom suit I let you use while you lived with me for 3 years. I helped you when you were so sick that you were a danger to yourself and others. I made sure you got the help you needed. Now you're setting out to put ruin my name. You have hurt everyone that has been kind to you. You're evil, conniving and do not ever deserve to have your daughter or Mr. Sasser's daughters in your life. At some point you will destroy them. You had no friends and as much as you like to say you were homeless, that was never true. Your sugar daddy paid me your rent the whole 3 years you lived with me. You met him every Friday so you could get several hundred dollars off this same man and that was after he paid me your rent. You weren't homeless you crazy dog in heat. You had no friends but you had plenty of men to have sex with. I had to tell you to keep it down on several occasions. A different guy almost every night. They were probably giving you money too. You stole Ken's cameras. I feel sorry for Josh, his family and anyone else that opens their heart to you. You will destroy them and play the victim. You're narcissistic so I'm sure you couldn't even care. You don't have it in you to care about anyone but yourself. That's why you have so many pics of your ugly, fat self. "Here's a rose but they sats your ugly self in every pic. It don't matter what you're showing your ugly self has to be in it. I never looked at you as an ugly person but your heart is so ugly it seeps outside. You left your last church because they found out just how crazy you are. I don't use that word lightly April. You're truly crazy. You're Bi Polar 1. You're in your manic phase. You will hit your depressive state agai and then the pics of you in the hospital will come along with the poor me photos. I hate you. I hope you die. You know why I'm saying all of this. You shouldn't mess with people and their lives. Karma...It will come back and get you.

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