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Ms. April Ramey Fuller Sasser
Last comment by kimnsierra 1 month, 1 week ago.

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Had the pleasure of having coffee today with Joshua and had the honor of drinking from this mug. My mother worked with Veteran’s as a nurse in the nursing home area of the Atlanta Veteran’s Administration Hospital. She cared for her patients with love, gentleness, patience and kindness. As a VA Hospital nurse she met many Veterans and she passed away with a ceremony at the VA Hospital as one of their lead nurses. She just celebrated her birthday June 5th in heaven among the angels. She fought for social justice where I was concerned as a child and I have fought for many years now for social justice for women especially in the O.C.G.A. Hoping to empower other women to take hold of their lives and continue with their education and their dreams, goals and ambitions. I never dreamed it possible to graduate from Dekalb Technical College from the Business/Legal office program to include my Paralegal certification. I certainly would have never in a million years dreamed I would work as a nursing assistant and onto graduate with my mental health Certified Peer Specialist certification It can be done. Ladies should inspire, empower and encourage one another raising each other to a higher standard. I will continue to advocate for family violence, parental alienation and the mentally challenged all the rest of my days My advocacy for children began with my older girls prior to my adopting them and then it continued with my own daughter who will finally be an adult this year. Even though I have had much success in the courtroom and Mr. Sasser has not tried painting me badly or with remiss, neglect nor abuse we are still kept apart with lies behind closed doors that keep me alienated from my girls. I have no other choice but to advocate and to pen my memoir and love letter to my children. Me and my son Tyler miss our girls very much and in the light of the facts their life has been no bed of roses since my divorce. I just keep their lives private and really do not discuss their lives just please know the cycle of abuse that I once broke with them has picked up from their father and continued on down the line to my grandchildren. Sadly but truth be told. I am making my apartment a safe haven. Full of comforting things. Coffee, Teas, Candles, Plants, A beach and sea setting is the theme of my apartment. I will do everything within my power not to be homeless again. It is no bed of roses neither and each and every time something has happened to me I have had to start over. God has always mapped a way for me and the homelessness that I have experienced has been very short lived but lived none the less and drained and nearly killed me. I am looking forward to having an ad in Southern Distinction magazine about my upcoming southern thriller of a memoir. The things I keep private, the things I journal about and the things I long to tell my children. I plan a visit to Central State Hospital to get a better idea of how the mentally challenged used to live. My heart breaks for them and goes out to them in so many ways. I cannot wait to visit and tour the grounds and cemetery. Oh and a library of my own in my bedroom. Something once upon a time I had nothing of the sort. I treasure it and love journaling. I will be thinking of my mother this weekend and with this mug every time I use it. I love and miss you mother Oh the things we could have done but I know you are looking down on me helping to make my successes possible and come true to life. I hope to make you proud.

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kimnsierra commented on Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 at 17:50 PM

You can delete it all you want. I will follow you every minute of every day. It's not going to change things. You should of thought about that before you decided to meddle in others life!!!

kimnsierra commented on Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 at 17:54 PM

You will get yours April. When New Life calls me back they will know about your criminal history and mental state. More than they know. Don't mess with me. I will DESTROY you!

kimnsierra commented on Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 at 18:21 PM

Mr. Sasser didn't let you see your daughter and his because he and everyone else who really knows you, know you're crazy to the point that you're dangerous. That's why you were put in jail. You're phyco and dangerous!

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