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5 Best Tips to Mount Fireplace Designs
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5 Best Tips to Mount Fireplace Designs with Perfection

Who can deny the visuals and sound of glowing fire right in your room? Yes, that’s the perfect way of increasing the decorative part of your home in all its glory. I am talking about wall mounted fireplaces which if place at an ideal location, can be easily seen at eye level and becomes quite a coveted and preferred medium for people. While electric and gas fireplaces are quite an obvious modes for people based on their choice, however electric fireplace can act as a perfect substitute for people looking for additional source of heat. You may only feel little heat from the gas fireplace though.

Increase the visuals by placing images on sides

The fireplace with images on its sides creates an ideal ambience for people making their entry in the room. Yes, the images may relate to anything based on your interest or picturesque beauty etc and believe me; this little step will enhance your chance of glorifying the surroundings further.

Fireplace and TV should be viewable together

Yes, if the fireplace is in the same room as television, then think from view of people who don’t want to get disturbed while watching television. An ideal way of positioning the fireplace is to place it above the television. Also refrain from placing it on opposite walls, as it may bar people from having both the view together. For example, in the event when the television is on, the sound of the flames may become a cause of distraction for people, if it is placed on opposite walls.

Centrally locate your fireplace

The preferred location for a fireplace is to mount it on the farthest place, such as on the longest wall to make it easily visible. Yes, this action will help the inhabitants get the perfect view as it acts as a delight to the eyes watching the fireplace. You can also arrange furniture at your desired place so that as you are seated, you can have full view of the fireplace.

Enhance the storage by adding shelves

Another important mechanism of increasing the beauty as well as making the best use of available space is to create shelves on either side. Yes, this space can be best used for placing DVD’s or CD’s and create “wow” moments for people by enhancing the appeal further.  

Utilize the above space by hanging painting

Usually, the space above the fireplace looks dulls, but you can make it coveted and priceless by hanging paintings. This will additionally help onlookers who will be mesmerized by the looks and attractive colors. So, the hanging of painting serves dual purpose, while it utilizes the left-out space and also it adds on the visual appeal. Isn’t it great?

The home is the preferred place as people spend a good deal of time. Besides the comfort, its captivating interiors is another mechanism for people to make its worth seen. Hence, the aforesaid post does create noteworthy moments for everyone to relish every single day.  

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