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5 Steps To An Even Better Cottage
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Your cottage is your home away from home. It’s where you go to getaway and relax. You’re also likely to make a few new memories as the years pass. Even though you enjoy visiting the cottage, you probably understand that it could use some updating.

Don’t be afraid to take inventory and mark down each area or room you want to upgrade. Make it your mission to improve the space and ambiance. You deserve to have it be a place where you feel welcome, and you’re proud to show off. Use your creativity and start coming up with ways to make it better. See five steps to an even better cottage.

Organize the Kitchen

Even if it’s not your everyday home, the kitchen is still going to see the most traffic at the cottage. Make it easier on yourself by getting rid of what you’re not using and organizing your favorite items in the cabinets. Put belongings away where they make the most sense to you. An organized kitchen will have you feeling less stressed when you’re in charge of preparing a big meal for everyone.

Update the Bathrooms

No one wants to use an icky and outdated bathroom. Freshen yours up with a new vanity and towels. Give it a deep clean and remove all the grim. If possible, paint the floors with a unique pattern or design. Your goal is to make the bathrooms look inviting and pleasant. Add character by placing décor and hanging pictures on the walls.

Build Outdoor Storage

Go online and search metal buildings for sale and purchase a new storage unit from companies like Armstrong Steel. Put a metal building in the backyard and use it for storing your belongings. It’s especially useful for keeping your boats, kayaks and water sports gear safe. They’re durable and easy to assemble. Select a color that’ll blend well with your cottage. Your yard will look less cluttered, and you won’t have to worry about anyone stealing your possessions.

Paint the Rooms

Grab your entire family and have a painting day. Add a fresh coat of paint to all the rooms that need it. Your cottage will feel like new when you get done. Liven up the space by picking different colors for the various rooms. While you’re painting, check if there are any floors, cabinets or ceilings that could use a fresh coat. If your cottage is dark, consider selecting light and bright colors to perk up the home.


Decorating is the fun part. Instead of having random objects placed throughout the cottage, decorate with a theme in mind. For example, a beachy or rustic theme are both great options. Coordinate the décor in each room to go along with your theme. Hang pictures on the wall and place unique pieces out on tables. Have a good time personalizing the space. Your attention to detail will show when it’s all done.


Make your cottage more than a place to escape to once in a while. Start building the foundation for a cozy and welcoming home. These are steps to an even better cottage.

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