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3 Simple Ways to Generate More Revenue
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3 Simple Ways to Generate More Revenue for Your Dental Practice


Your primary goal is to provide the highest quality dental care to each of your patients. Along with that honorableendeavor, you also want to make a reasonable living for you and your staff. It takes a steady flow of cash to keep the office running efficiently and that’s why you are always on the lookout for ways to increase your revenue stream. Here are three approaches that will help you keep your promise to each patient and pave the way for improving that revenue flow.


Tap Into the Emotions Your Patients are Feeling


One of the things you always do is talk with patients about treatments they need, why they matter, and what is involved in each of those procedures. That’s excellent because you are providing your patients with the facts they need to make the right decision. No you need to take things a little further and appeal to their emotions.


Even when patients understand the practicality of having a dental procedure done, there may be some lingering emotional matters that need to be addressed. For example, they may be experiencing an underlying apprehension about the amount of pain involved during and after the procedure. Perhaps they are worried about missing time from work or how they will manage to pay for the procedures. If you can identify what the emotional reaction to the procedure happens to be, it will be easier to defuse the issue, put the patient at ease, and schedule a date for the treatment.


Remember that during this discussion about the hesitancy, it pays to emphasize how moving forward with the procedure will make life better for the patient. Point out that the treatment will rid the patient of a tooth that tends to throb now and then, help the patient feel less self-conscious about the way the teeth look, or make it easier to drink cold beverages without discomfort. Since the outcome is a desirable one, it becomes easier for the patient to see past any hesitation and decide to have the work done.


Dealing with Financial Issues


At times, there will be one single issue that causes the patient to hesitate. That issue happens to be paying for the procedure.


This is where having some type of financing option in place will make all the difference in the world. When you are considering financing, look beyond those services that require credit checks and charge high interest rates on any outstanding balances. People who have less than perfect credit may find the repayment terms and conditions to be difficult for them, assuming they are approved in the first place.


A better approach is to offer a dental financing plan like SimplePay.com that will work with patients to set up payment plans without conducting a credit check. A plan like this is good for the patient because the repayment terms are much easier to work into the budget. It doesn’t hurt that this type of plan also helps to ensure you have a steady flow of revenue.


Maintaining Rapport With Your Patients


As with any business, staying in contact with your patients is key to having a successful practice. You want to keep the lines of communication open by proactively reaching out to them from time to time. That means using different methods to remind them that it’s time for a teeth cleaning or a checkup. Remember their birthdays with a card or sending well wishes around a holiday is also another way to maintain the rapport. These little things let patients know you care and motivate them to come back to you whenever they need any type of dental work or attention.


The bottom line is that you want to create an environment where your patients can feel secure, not be worried about how to pay for necessary dental work, and remember that you are the only place to go when they need help. Put these three strategies to work today and see what a difference they make to your patient retention rate, the number of procedures you provide, and the reputation you enjoy in the community. It will only take a few months to see how these methods really do make your practice stronger than ever. 

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