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 Wedding Accessories that you Should have to be the Perfect Bride

Weddings are one of the most beautiful events that a woman could experience, especially when she is the bride. In a wedding, everything looks awe-inspiring and stunning. From the wedding motif to the flowers used, every detail that’s carefully planned and executed can impress people.

With an event this important, everything must look perfect. And since the bride is the center of the event, she must be flawless from head to foot. Of course, the wedding dress should be most striking. But a dress alone would not suffice. If you are a wife-to-be, you have to have all the accessories that you could make you look even more glamorous.

     Hair Accessories

The hair of the bride is easily noticeable. Aside from her wedding dress, it is her crowning glory so it needs to be fully accessorized.


According to the wedding experts from the Little Book for Brides, headpieces must be chosen only after the gown is settled. In this way, you are able to pick accessories that would complement the dress. Pick a hairstyle to finally decide on what accessories you’ll get. Some of the most loved headpieces aside from the veil are barrettes, hair combs, tiaras, fascinators, flower bands, pins and clips, ribbons, headbands, and hats. There are many things to choose from so pick the accessory that would go well with your theme.


     Wedding Shoes

Although mostly covered during the event, wedding shoes shouldn’t be taken lightly. In picking them, opt for the ones that offer both comfort and style. Make sure that they also fit with the gown as both should be seen as one. You can choose from flats, wedges, open or closed toes, high sandals, sling backs, and even boots. Bringing flats to your wedding isn’t a bad idea, too. Surely, after the event, your feet will feel tired.


     Handy Bag

Having a bag prepared for the bride is a convenience. There are instances in which the bride would need a little bit of retouch. A handy bag is a great way to store items like lipsticks and pressed powders for a quick fix. Also, it is a safe storage. With so many things happening at one time, valuable items might get lost along the way, so keep it in your bag. For weddings, it’s preferable that you get the tiny ones like handbags, clutches, or purses.


     Jewelry Set

Pearl jewelries are amazing for weddings, but you can also get another type of set like diamonds. Include necklaces, earrings, and bracelets (save the ring for later). However, depending on the gown that you’re wearing, you can eliminate some of these.


     Shoulder Cover

As the event progresses throughout the evening, you might need to cover up your shoulders if it gets too chilly for you. Having a shoulder cover could be a convenient way to eliminate the cold while still looking good. Depending on your gown type, you can select a jacket, shrug, shawl, or cardigan.


     Wedding Bouquet

A bride walking on the aisle without a bouquet of flowers seems so wrong and incomplete. The bouquet has always been a present element in weddings, so make the most out of it. You can pick from the cascade, posy, hand-tied, round, nosegay, pomander, and the composite type of bouquet arrangement. Picking the flowers could be a personal choice, but the most popular ones are roses, tulips, lilies, peonies, and hydrangeas. Together with the wedding theme, the bouquet should be a complementing accessory.


     Bridal Garter

Don’t postpone the fun tradition of garter tossing. Get a pair of garters for this event. You can toss one garter away and keep the other one as a memento.


     Bridal Lingerie

If you haven’t gotten any lingerie during your bridal shower, it is best that you purchase one ahead. Whatever is hidden underneath your beautiful dress will make you feel sexy throughout the day. Plus, it will set the mood right during your honeymoon. 


A wedding should be full of love and excitement. To match the festivity of the event, you should get dressed the right way. Do not forget about your accessories. Most importantly, remember to feel confident and beautiful.

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