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Where I sit these days
Ms. April Ramey Fuller Sasser

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Working on my journaling from my cozy apartment at my comfy desk. All from here I plan to pen the best southern Memoir ever. I plan to. I hope to. I want to use actual names and real to life events as well. I want to include true accounts of my life and the people who have played a role in my journey. To be honest I have been quite discreet with my blogging at The Covington News over the last 5 plus years. I hope to put out a new breath of fresh air and suspense. With all of my advocacy in the O.C.G.A. for family violence victims, the mentally challenged and the parentally alienated I have a lot to talk about. All from this desk here I will be delivering to my children one hell of a love letter and to the world resiliency in the face of adversity. I have the strong desire now that I can claim Paralegal, Certified Nursing Assistant, Mental Health Certified Peer Specialist and now hopeful Memoirist I long to return to school for my Bachelor Degree in nursing. It is in the works and the beginning stages. Surely if I can raise 5 children, work as a Paralegal and attend full time education I can do it now all on my own. I want a Bachelor Degree now. As per typical always reaching for that next goal of achievement. My son tells me he gets his strength from me but he is the one that keeps me strong. So this is where I spend a large amount of my time at these days.So as I sit wide awake in these wee morning hours my mind drifts to how all my adult children are doing. My youngest will be 18 this Fall and then they will all be adults. I think of them fondly each and every day. I look forward to penning this memoir to them to have and to hold forever in their hearts. I want t hem to all be adults when I finally do start releasing excerpts from the memoir and publishing works. There is so much about my children's lives that I must keep private that I cannot ever share with anyone. Their lives have been no bed of roses since myself and their father divorced. Unexpectedly they have not been taken care of and attended to as they were when I was primary care giver for nearly 15 years. When I return from my beach trip my youngest will be well on her way to turning 18 and I will be able to share with the world the O.C.G.A. public records since my early 20's to current where I have been very much an strong advocate for my children with much success and mentors and friendships gained. I want to visit Central State Hospital in Milledgeville and get some photos for my memoir. Especially of the grave site that remains. Josh and I read that they have a museum I want to visit there. My life has changed so much over the years to now a mental health Certified Peer Specialist and I want to share this obstacle achieved with the world. I have been fortunate that I have been a blogger at The Covington News for 5 plus years and it has been a truly wonderful experience and getting to spend so much time in my community. I have placed myself since my early 20's under the scrutiny of the Courts due to my care, love and undying devotion to my children. I have been proud of my progress and success since a young mother. I hope to have an ad in Southern Distinction magazine introducing my memoir in the very near future. Not sure if a publisher would have something else in mind but I want to name it "As She Paces." 

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