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Top 4 Methods for Keeping Your Curly Hair
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Top 4 Methods for Keeping Your Curly Hair Healthy in the Autumn


Summer will soon be over and fall will be here. That means you will need to tweak the way you take care of your naturally curly hair. The good news is that the changes to your hair care regimen will not be as difficult as you may think. Put these four strategies to good use and your hair will look great as the weather begins to cool and the humidity drops. 

Adjust For Humidity Control 

During the summer months, you had to be mindful of the humidity and how it affected your hair. As summer wanes and fall arrives, you can expect the humidity to decrease. Some of the products you used to keep the humidity from frizzing the hair can be set to one side. Instead, you will need to invest in great products for curly hair that help maintain the right level of moisture and will not strip away any essential oils or nutrients. 

Your stylist can help you determine what sort of products will ensure your hair looks great during the autumn. Factors like the texture, amount of curl or wave, and how dry your hair tends to get will all play a part in selecting the right products. 

Have the Ends Trimmed 

Trimming the ends is a good idea any time of year but it’s especially helpful during the autumn. As your hair adjusts to the change in the weather, the potential for frayed ends is greater. By going to a professional at least once a month and having the ends trimmed, you will find it easier to keep the style you want and not have to worry about you hair looking a little frizzy. As a bonus, keeping it close to the same length also means you will find it easier to get ready in the morning. 

Blot and Squeeze But No Rubbing 

If you don’t already know this trick, now is the time to learn it. Rubbing your hair with a towel in order to dry it can cause a lot of damage. Even when you use the best products, their effect is lessened by rubbing with a towel. A better approach is to use a thin towel or even a tee shirt to blot your hair. Use your hands to gently squeeze the water from the hair and then follow with gentle pats using the shirt. The damage to the hair follicles will be considerably less and that means the odds of frizzy hair developing are kept to a minimum. 

Don’t Brush Comb Instead 

With wavy or curly hair, brushes can pull and cause damage. As your hair transitions during the change in temperature and humidity, the potential for broken hair follicles is greater. If you don’t already own a comb with wide teeth, invest in one. You’ll soon learn how to use it to control the curls without damaging them. 

While summer is still here, it’s time to think about the Frizzoff curly hair solutions that need to be employed in the autumn. Talk with an expert and choose the products you will use and the methods you will employ to keep your hair healthy. Autumn will be a lot more fun when you know your hair is healthy and looks great.

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