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Eliminate the I.R.S. and Support the Fair Tax #1

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The sixteenth amendment was ratified on February 12, 1913 and thus the income tax became a reality. This is by far the most regressive of taxes because every time any product is sold at every level until it gets to the consumer it is taxed. These are embedded taxes that all persons pay when they purchase an item.Democrats tried for years just as they do today on an idealistic program and they finally achieved the goal of an income tax. The Republicans were suckered and the Democrats managed to accomplish the desired results. Just further proof that politicians back then believed that you had to pass a bill so you could find out what was in it.The I.R.S. has too much power and must be pulled out by the roots or they will do the bidding of the Administration in power. Do you want to see any party abuse that power and put a thumb on your head? They will soon have your medical records.The Fair Tax proposes to eliminate several taxes!1. The current Federal income tax and the 16th amendment.2. Social Security Tax and the Employer portion3. FICA 4.Death tax Inheritance5. Medicare tax6.Corporate Income Tax; only individuals pay taxes.7. Self employment tax8. Alternative Minimum tax9. Gift tax10. Capital gains tax11. All of your time preparing taxes, saving receipts and more. The Fair Tax proposes a 23 percent tax on NEW goods and services, yes services, but used items will not be taxed.A prebate of sales taxes for life sustaining needs will be sent to every individual and family each cycle. You get these taxes refunded before you spend themLuke Knight  

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