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Eliminate the I.R.S. #2 of 16

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   Withholding of taxes from your paycheck was always the goal of the government but they had difficulty convincing the public that it was a good idea.   Withholding was tried more than once but it did not stick until WWII when the government's need for money and the peoples desire to help in the war effort made it possible. Hollywood pitched in to sell the idea and it tugged at the heartstrings of everyone BUT now you could not leave the money in the bank and draw interest up to tax day. The government likes withholding partly because the individual doesn't notice the changes in taxes when it comes in small changes of the tax code. The public would notice if they had to write a huge check on April 15. Now they see a refund coming back instead of thinking of the huge amount they paid in.    Manipulation of the tax code allows politicians to send welfare checks to people that did not pay any taxes in the first place.    In 1970 President Carter tried to withhold taxes on Interest and Dividends but it failed, this was revived in 1982 by Reagan and it passed but it was then repealed. It's a lot like boiling a frog you start off in cold water and gradually turn up the heat and before the frog knows it, he's dinner.  Unions used the withholding idea along with a little help from the government, the dues were collected before the people saw the check. Recently some have rebelled and the withholding may be on it's way out.    The Fair Tax is paid when you buy a product or service, it's your choice, But it is not collected on used goods. If you buy a used car or house or anything else you do not pay federal taxes on that item. You do not have to keep records for your federal taxes because you do not have a federal tax return to fill out.    The tax code is now over 76,000 pages but the Fair Tax can be printed out on a 3x5 card, how's that for tax simplification?    There are books and web sites (www,fairtax.org) where you can get more information, it's to your advantage so look it up. We could do away with Corporate Welfare and the lobbyist on K Street with their huge salaries at your expense.LUKE KNIGHT 

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