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Tax System 76,000 pages and growing

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Let the Corporations and the rich pay all of the taxes, yeah that sounds good.    #If you believe that Corporations pay taxes I have a bridge I want to sell you. Corporations collect taxes in the price of the product and pass it on to the Federal coffers. Corporations have a duty to make a profit so they can pay the stockholders and grow the company. I can not defend the huge salaries they pay out, I know some may be warranted but others are in doubt. Individuals, Unions, Non profits and others have stock in these companies and they deserve a return on investment.    #When the government raises taxes the Corporation raises it's prices and you pay the tax. The company must maintain profitability or they could not pay the stockholder and the investor would leave and the company would close, perhaps they could lay off employees and they go on the dole and the tax payer pays that, everybody loses.    #The rich have money, let them pay it all. They work hard for the most part, they plan for the future and not the moment, they use their minds and take care of business before they buy the toys. If you take all of their money then who will start up the next factory or local business, Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.     #The only people that pay taxes are individuals. The politicians hide behind Corporations and other smoke screens because they know the public is not paying attention, the Tea Party is changing that.    #Pass the Fair Tax and eliminate Corporate Welfare and the K Street Lobbyist and you will get a Prebate on the taxes necessary for everyday life, how about that, you get money back before you buy anything and you also get your full paycheck without any taxes being taken out. www.fairtax.orgLUKE KNIGHT          

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