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Domestic Violence

How Victims of Domestic Violence Can Get Help OnlineDomestic violence is a serious problem anywhere in the world. It is considered an epidemic that continues to affect women, men and children. Many are not reported to authorities leaving victims in a state of depression and worse, on the verge of suicide. In the U.S., the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) reports that nearly 20 people on the average are physically abused (assaulted or beaten) ...

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How I can find an ideal office space in a budget

How I can find an ideal office space in a budget – Best tips you can’t miss   ·         Are you looking for an office space at the heart of city which is frequented by clients because of its prime location? ·         Is it becoming too taxing, challenging and mind-boggling for you to choose the desired office space?  If the instant answer to the above queries is “YES”, then you are at the right platform. As in ...

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Future of Education

Experts’ Views on the Future of Education under DeVos The selection of Betsy DeVos by the Trump administration sent ripples across the education landscape. While the Education Department mainly handles matters such as public schools and the macro view of our education system, DeVos has the power to influence almost every part of education scene in the country. A closer look at the selection of DeVos reveals that the situation we have today is not entirely ...

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ASFC Outhreach Therapeutic Counseling

ASFC Therapeutic Counseling Services LLC www.asfcoutreach.com ASFC Outreach Therapeutic Counseling Services delivers affordable, sliding scale mental health and substance abuse services to youth and families who need financial assistance, ensuring that those with little or no mental health insurance have access to care. ASFC was established in 2003 to help better meet the needs of high risk residential behavioral health populations. ASFC made a strategic commitment to significantly shift its mission and focus to the community as ...

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Your divination which in Greek is Python

My very first Little Golden Book was My Little Golden Book about God copyright 1956 and I have the 6th printing from 1971 the year before my birth. A perfect example that God and the Great I Am was going before me and preparing a better place for me and planting the seed of the Lord God Almighty in my heart and in my life’s plans keeping the strong deceptive works of the Python at ...

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