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Beat The Dubai Heat!

Here are the best beauty salons and spas to keep you sparkling throughout summer without breaking your bank!.Dubai and the summer go hand in hand. The city is home to a sweltering weather for most part of the year. The scorching heat is unbearable for the tourists and the expats alike, but even the locals find themselves struggling to get through the initial days of summer. The climate is very dry, which can cause severe ...

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Choosing How To Handle Your Junk Car

It’s time to face the facts. Your car has gotten to the point where repair costs outweigh the value of keeping it around. Or perhaps you managed to get a great deal on a new car and no longer need the older one. Choosing how to unload your car is a major financial decision, especially if you need the money. There are many different options available, including someone you haven’t heard of, to get you ...

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Best 6 Tips to Design your Home with Perfection

A home is regarded to be the place where the “hearts” of people live. For the same reason, home owners don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to ensuring the best of comfort for themselves by visually appealing every inch of house as well. Yes, this is where the role of designing comes into play. Let’s take a look at the following simple tips to design your house with utmost perfection:- Balance your “furniture” ...

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Where I sit these days

Working on my journaling from my cozy apartment at my comfy desk. All from here I plan to pen the best southern Memoir ever. I plan to. I hope to. I want to use actual names and real to life events as well. I want to include true accounts of my life and the people who have played a role in my journey. To be honest I have been quite discreet with my blogging at ...

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How To Make Money With Your Hobby

Americans of all ages can find themselves needing some extra money. During the college years, the more money students make, the faster they can repay their student loans. The situation in the workforce isn't promising - 65% of working Americans are not happy with their salaries.  There are also signs that those who are nearing their retirement right now are in more financial trouble than they thought. Money troubles don't pick an age. One of ...

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