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From his crucifixion at Calvary to three days later becoming our Lord and King “a lot can happen in three days.” In just three short days Jesus went from being crucified to becoming ruler of all Nations and King of all Kings. From his crown of thorns to a crown of jewels he quickly and lovingly became our Lord. Today with our families and loved ones we celebrate a risen Savior. By witnessing to others and with a show of public acceptance through baptism we show the world the sweetest story that ever did exist and share in his almighty powerful love for us all and for mankind. He is a risen Lord and tells us to preach his gospel among men. As we share in his gospel today may we love one another just as Jesus loved us enough to die on the cross for our sins. Today he is risen and is no longer a slave to the thorns. We must worship him wholeheartedly and love our neighbor as we love our self for unconditional love is the nature and calling from our Lord. Give your heart and soul over to the Messiah and you can begin to have a renewed life through salvation. A salvation that shines through with the Lords divine purpose for your life. A story that only you can tell. A story where you are expected to “live authentically”, Parker J. Palmer, with each passing moment of life. By living authentically you tell a story that inspires others and even has the opportunity of reaching many lands while witnessing. I am a living testament to the loving faith of the Lord our God and share in his riches and glory today. Easter day. I pray that whomever I reach that the Lord is touching you to become all that he has predestined you to become and that his Will shines through in your life. May we come together as a community sharing in the old, rich story of the rugged cross that Jesus bore for our sins. To now having a crown of jewels. A crown of jewels that he invites you to share with him if only you give your life over and begin to walk blameless among men. Jesus risen death declares him son of God. God has prepared a place for us and I hope to be delivered with him to spend eternity with all of my family and loved ones someday in this hold ground that has been prepared for us to walk among. Praying that today you find peace among men. A peace that knows no bounds that is headed up by our righteous King of Kings. Spread the love of Jesus today and that God will judge the world in righteousness in due time.
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