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Sudoku is a puzzle game which can be played when you are at home, or travelling long distances or when you have free time at office, college or at school. There are many free online sites which offer various versions of this game. If you are a person who likes to play Sudoku games, playing Sudoku online is the best option. The player has to think logically to reach the answer. The Computer Version The computer version of the game is based on Java script and it is really easy to play the game online. All you have to do is to enter the numbers into the squares in the row, column and two 3x3 box in such a way that these squares contain numbers from 1 to 9 without repeating the numbers. You can get printable versions or you can play it online for free. Select the square you want to place the number using the cursor and type in the number using the keyboard.Online Help For BeginnersIf you are beginner to the Sudoku online, you can visit reliable game sites and learn the rules to play the game. There will be easy instructions available for playing the game from these sites. You will be able to play Sudoku against yourself using the cheat codes and this will help you to increase your confidence and to understand the game rules in a better way. You can also go through the freely available tips and hints for playing the game with utmost concentration.Improving Your Skills And AbilityWhen you play the Sudoku game online, you will be exposed to different number of games with different levels of challenges. This will help to improve your concentration, problem solving skill and reasoning ability. So, if you are a parent, you can encourage your children to play the game online.Checking The AnswersWhen you play Sudoku on newspapers or from magazines you will have to wait to know the result till the next edition comes. When you play the game online, once you complete filling the numbers, you can check the answer instantly by posting it on the site in which you are playing the game. You will be provided with more challenging choices when you complete one game. You can also set time limit for completing the game and try to sharpen your brain.Author Bio- James Woodbridge is a Sudoku enthusiast and he has written many articles on solving Sudoku. You can read the articles to get an idea about solving the Sudoku online puzzles easily.
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