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Having dreamy looking eyes, with long eyelashes, is no longer a distant dream. Are youfeeling less confident because your eyelashes are not as you’d like them to be? Are they damaged due to some injury or skin disorder? Do your eyes look bare after you’ve been through a period of immense stress or maybe as a result of certain medications you’ve been prescribed? Whatever the case may be, you deserve to have beautiful eyes. To this end, you can get training on applying eyelash extensions. Apart from getting eyelash extension training, you can also read reviews of eyelash growth products on sites like LashSerumReviews.org and choose one that would turn your eyes into dazzling beauties.Eyelashes Are Different from Other Body HairEyelashes are more much prone to damage than hair growing in any other part of the body. You may need to spend hours trying to get hair removed from your arms and legs. Eyelashes are more prone to damage as the hair follicles on your eyelids are extremely delicate. Even when you use harsh methods to remove body hair, it will grow right back, very persistently. This is not really the case with eyelashes. Once they are damaged, it will take you great pains to grow them back. Moreover, body hair typically takes about four weeks to grow back. On the other hand, your eyelashes will take around seven to eight weeks to grow back. If you’re craving for long eyelashes, but can’t seem to grow them naturally, you may want to consider using serums or getting training. What Causes Eyelashes to Get DamagedThere are several ailments, ranging from psychiatric disorder to skin diseases, which can cause your eyelashes to get damaged. Injury and inflammation can also cause you to lose your eyelashes. However, it does not have to be anything that drastic. Since your lashes are very sensitive, overuse or incorrect use of regular makeup can also cause severe damage. For instance, using curling tools can result in lashes being pulled and the follicles weakening further. If you go to bed with mascara on, you may wake up with clumps and have an urge to rub your eyes. This too can cause loss or breakage. Eyelash extension training can help in all these situations. Looking at Solutions of Lash DamageOne possible solution is wearing temporary fake eyelashes. This is perhaps not the best solution as they don’t look natural. Women who are not convinced with putting on temporary fake lashes can opt for permanent lashes. Permanent eyelash extensions save you a lot of time, as you don’t need to put them on before stepping out and often women do not even find the need for mascara or eyeliner. These are waterproof and you can bathe, swim or indulge in water sports even with these on. There is no eye glue and, therefore, no chances of allergies from this solution. Precautions to TakeBefore you opt for any eyelash extension training, be sure to consult your doctor to determine whether having permanent lashes is right for you.
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